SQA Figures Indicate Studying Music May Improve Exam Performance

Studying music at Standard Grade and Higher may help boost overall exam performance, according to statistics released by the Scottish Qualifications Authority.

The Scottish Qualifications Authority have released figures demonstrating a close link between the study of music and achieving good grades at Standard Grade and Higher level, as yet further proof of the importance of learning a musical instrument in the education process.

Of students achieving 8 Standard Grade 1’s or more, 30.4% studied music, compared to an average of 14.9% studying music at Standard Grade level.

The results at Higher level are equally impressive, with 11.1% of students attaining 5 Highers in one sitting having studied music, compared to just 7.6% of all students studying music at Higher level.

At both Higher and Standard Grade levels, there is a clear link between achieving really good grades and studying music. Of those students that excel at both levels, a higher than average proportion study music, and it’s surely no coincidence that the two correlate.

We already know learning a musical instrument has a profound impact on achievement in school, but it also helps in developing problem solving skills, spatial awareness and social and confidence skills that stay with us for the rest of our lives.

Edinburgh Music Lessons offers guitar lessons Edinburgh wide for clients of all ages and ability, from our teaching studio at Great Junction Street Music Studios.


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